Divorce Practice Areas

Mediation is a voluntary settlement process which uses an impartial person to help separating or divorcing couples reach informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements. Mediation can be used for divorce and other family law issues, as well as general conflict resolution in families, organizations, and between neighbors.

While the primary goal of mediation is to resolve differences, mediation also promotes communication and cooperation which allows you to control the decisions that affect your life. Mediation is frequently less costly than litigation. Mediation benefits children and others involved by reducing conflict. The process can often be completed in less time than litigation allowing you to move ahead with your life. Studies show that mediation results in:

  • A fair divorce settlement for each person
  • A reasonable divorce, which reduces anger concerning custody and finances
  • Lower costs than an attorney-controlled collaborative divorce
  • A divorce settlement in less time than with a litigated divorce
  • Superior parenting arrangements for you and your child
  • Improved relationships between a child and parent
  • A comprehensive support settlement that eliminates the need for future court proceedings